Our intuitive online platform, comprehensive service, and 40 MINUTE EVENT are changing the way organizations are raising money.

Fan-Pledge helps athletic teams, clubs, youth organizations and nonprofits meet their fundraising goals in less than an hour with fail proof Live Events.

  • STEP 1

    Set-Up Your Account

    It’s easy! Start by setting up your team (group/club/organization) page, complete with team info, relevant images, video and goals and add personal team member pages. In other words, tell your story to your fans. Our Fundraising Expert will assess your page and make suggestions based on your fundraising goals.


  • STEP 2

    Mark the Date

    Discuss your fundraiser with the Fundraising Expert and set the date for the Live Event.

    Work with your Expert to communicate to team members, parents and fans about the event and put together a list of contacts. Our reps have a great track record in helping our clients excite team members about the event and drive perfect participation!

    Enter individual team member contacts into the system and prepare your team for the event.

    Your event will last 40 minutes and can be run anytime of day.  Some of our best events surprisingly have been run in the middle of the afternoon.  Seriously though, give yourself a ONE HOUR window and get it on the calendar with one of our Fundraising Cash Coaches.

    Tip:  When do you have to pay for all the things you are going to buy with this unbelievable money?  Work backwards from there.  Give yourself 30 days from the event.  Have to pay for those awesome new Uni’s on Sept 30, then run our event on Aug. 30th and you will be set.


  • STEP 3

    Hold the Event

    3…2…1…Start the clock!

    • Team members call their predefined contacts during the live telethon event in a super fun, competitive environment.
    • You motivate team members with cool incentives.
    • Use your customized social media templates to tell your fans and supporters about the event on social media and drive even more pledges!

    Track your progress throughout the event in real time!


  • STEP 4

    Track Donations

    • Use Pledge tracker to track pledges and completed transactions.
    • Keep track of donations by team member and by fan.
    • Effortlessly follow up on verbal pledges and get help with problem transactions.


  • STEP 5

    Get the Funds

    We manage funds collection, deduct our fee on completion and disburse the funds within 4 weeks. Just relax and wait for your check to arrive!


Simple fundraising with spectacular results.