• Our girls had a blast doing this! Thank you for giving our girls the opportunity to raise money for our athletic program. They've never had this much fun participating in a fundraiser!  
    Vanessa Garcia
    Keller Middle
  • Fan-Pledge is unbelievable!!! We quadrupled our profits from the previous year Lift-A-Thon fundraiser in 40 minutes.  Give Fan-Pledge a chance, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  
    Scott Warner
    Decatur Powerlifting
  • Fan-Pledge is the easiest, most effective way for us to raise money for our program without the hassle of our kids selling or a never-ending paper trail for our staff. Players enter contacts, call them, and Fan-Pledge takes care of the rest.  
    Chad Brubaker
    Spring-Ford Football
  • Fast, efficient, simple, and great results.  A Coach's dream fundraiser!  
    Jerry Edwards
    Harker Heights Football
  • We make more money, spend less time (dramatically), and actually have fun doing it.  It's awesome!  
    Mike Fuller
    Decatur Football
  • Great Fundraiser and kids had a blast!  
    Kathy Johnson
    Argyle Band
  • It is easier than discount cards, and you and your coaches don’t have to worry about handling any money.  Blown away by how excited the kids were about competing to raise money.  Over $70K in 40 minutes.  
    Travis Irby
    Keller Middle School Football
  • Fan-Pledge is amazing.  We were in need of some money and had heard about their services and the 40 minute event.  Football season had already kicked off and we didn't have the time to run a typical fundraiser.  With just our JV and Varsity, we were able to do over $39k in less than an hour, and we feel like it will be even better next year.  Best part, kids loved it!  
    Chris Melson
    Legacy Football
  • We raised over $78,000 in less than an hour.  We were nervous about switching from product sales but followed the plan.   I am glad we did and am happy to refer any other coaches to Fan-Pledge.  My staff was shocked, and the players enjoyed the process.  
    Carl Stralow
    Keller Football

Paschal Volleyball Over $20K in 40 minutes!

Keller Indianettes Over $29K in 40 minutes!

Wylie Band Over $68K in 40 minutes!

Simple fundraising with spectacular results.